How to Prepare for a Family Photo Shoot: 5 Tips from Photomoda Professional Family Photographer

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So your all booked with us for your family shoot and your location has been decided. The hardest thing now is what do we all wear! What if the kids misbehave? What if the baby is drooling? No need to panic. Here are our top tips to make your shoot a great experience.

1. Let your kids know well in advance for the shoot. This way they can prepare and get comfortable with the idea. Let them know its a fun time and special occassion for the family.
2. Make sure everyone is properly fed and hydrated especially if its an outdoor shoot. Full tummies mean happy little people and better photos!
3. Dress for Dubai! If your shoot is outdoor keep it simple with light fabrics. Sometimes it takes a while for kids to get used to new clothes so test them out first before. Your photographer will advise you on what colours to wear depending on the location of the shoot and time of the day.
4. Bribery is OK! A little bribery is fine - a treat to look forward to after the shoot or even better make it a family day perhaps the cinema or trip to the beach.
5. Dont focus on the final product and enjoy the experience. It can be stressful sometimes especially for mum but insead of worrying try to embrace the shoot and have fun. If your oldest won't stop running around, or the baby won't stop drooling, or the dog won't sit still - that's OK because that chaos is your life, and your life is beautiful. Enjoy the shoot as a time to fully embrace how crazy, fun, and wonderful family life can be!

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Sandy H
On 10 / 01 / 2016

I actually wanted to thank you especially Diana our photographer who made our family shoot so special. We have the photos framed in the living room and everyone comments x

Matthew M
On 18 / 12 / 2015

Great tips - thanks